Name: Barbie Pretty Lovin' Pets

Year: Early 90's. Possibly 1994. 

Detailed Description: There are at least six of these pets that I am aware of and could find information about online. Four of them are first hand knowledge because I owned four of these pets, and the other two were found by searching for information about them. 

  • Size: Each animal is about 3.5" wide, from chest to bottom, and about 6 inches tall from the paw to the tip of the ear. There is some variation -- Candi the puppy is about 4.5" wide and tall because she is crouching in play instead of standing like the other five. 
  • Each pet comes with shiny curled hair, hair ribbons in the shape of bows, a tail ribbon with a flower ribbon, a collar with Barbie's picture, and a comb. Neither the Persian or the Simese come with hair ribbons and may have come out at a later date than the other four.
  • Each pet has a B inside a heart insignia near the tail. Tabbi, Candi, Mimi, and Mandi, and the Persian all have pink stamps. The Siamese has a purple stamp. 
  • Pets: 
  • Tabby Kitty - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum 
    • Tabbi - A red striped tabby cat with white paws, belly, and mouth. She has a ginger mane and tail, and white ribbons. She comes with a pink hair comb. 
    Candi Puppy - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum
    • Candi - A golden retriever with golden paws. She has a blonde mane and tail and comes with blue ribbons. She also has a pink hair comb.
    Mimi Kitty - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum
    • Mimi - A white cat with white mane and tail. She comes with pink hair ribbons and a pink comb. 
    Mandi Puppy - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum
    • Mandi - A brown puppy with caramel colored mane and tail. She also has white ribbons and a pink comb. 
    Siamese Kitty - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum
    • Siamese - This one does not have a name. She is more shiny in appearance and does not have a mane. She comes with a purple collar and a purple comb. 
    Persian Kitty - Picture from Ghost of the Doll Forum
    • Persian - Similar to the Siamese, the persian is a silvery color with a silver tail. She has a hot pink collar and a purple comb.